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Repair FAQs

Can you fix my computer, tablet, smartphone, or smartwatch?
Our in-house repair center is staff by certified repair technicians who can fix your broken Mac or Windows computer right here on campus. We are also able to facilitate repairs of iPads and Apple Watches. For broken iPhones, we strongly recommend calling the Apple Store in Metairie.
I purchased an additional warranty from Apple. Do you cover that?
As an Apple Authorized Service Provider we honor the AppleCare protection plan doe all covered issues on Apple Mac computers, iPads, Apple Watch, and other Apple products. We do not repair phones.
Will Apple Care cover my issue?
If you have a valid AppleCare warranty on your Apple product, we will probably be able to honor it. Check Apple's AppleCare Protection Plan website for details on what AppleCare covers and what it does not. If you are still unsure, bring your laptop or iPad into the store or give us a call.
I cracked my laptop's screen. Can you fix that?
We can fix your screen! We can diagnose your issue and quote you a price and timeframe for the installation of a new screen. Once you pay, we will order the part and repair your computer right in-store.
My computer won’t turn on. Can you help me?
Come see us for a free 15-minute consultation. If we cannot get your computer to function properly, we can check it into our repair center to run diagnostics, get your data to you, and replace any defective parts.
If I purchased my computer from Technology Connection, will you repair it for free?
Our in-house repair center repairs the computers we sell, in addition to most Macintosh computers no matter where they were purchased. If you have a Macintosh that is under an Apple warranty, we can often repair that computer at little or no cost to you, depending on the details of your AppleCare coverage and the repair needed. Additionally, if you have enrolled in our student laptop loaner program, we can loan you a laptop while your computer is being repaired. If it turns out that your computer is not under Apple's warranty, we will give you an estimated cost and timeline for repairs, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether or not you would like to pay for the repair.
How long does a computer repair usually take?
We estimate 3-5 business days for a repair, once we receive. Occasionally, a delay in receiving parts can affect your repair time, but that is not typical.
How much does a computer repair usually cost?
We have a labor and diagnostics fee of $25. An advanced repair can cost more, and we will send you a quote for whatever parts are necessary to fix your computer. Once you approve the added charges, we will complete the advanced repair.