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New Student Frequently Asked Questions

We were honored to participate in the CAST Parents Resource Fair. Based on your feedback, we would like to provide answers to your most frequently asked questions from the CAST sessions! (Additional questions, not specific to new students, are answered on this general FAQ page).

What computer do you recommend?

Come by and speak with one of our consultants to find the best computer for your academic career. Tulane actively supports Apple and Windows, and our store handles hardware repairs on campus for Apple, Dell,  and Microsoft. While some schools have recommended computers, you are mostly free to choose what works best for you. Many students in the visual arts use Apple products, and Windows is well supported by the business school. If you can't come by just yet, give us a call!

When should I buy my college computer?

We recommend buying in mid-July or later because our back-to-school bundles are released then. Sign up on our website for announcementsOnce classes start in the fall, we are open 6 days a week for additional purchases. 

Do I need a new computer?

That depends on what computer you already have, and what program you are going into at Tulane. Feel free to ask our technology consultants to help determine your needs.  

Where do students go to get their computer repaired? 

Technology Connection is the go-to place for Apple and Dell laptop repairs, as well as repairs on Microsoft Surface products purchased through our store.

How good are your prices? Why shouldn’t I buy a Mac from an Apple store? 

We are able to offer Apple's education discount along with many accessories at competitive prices to Tulane students. Our AppleCare+ is at a lower cost to you than Apple's Education store price, and we also offer enrollment in our Laptop Repair Loaner Program. We also offer special pricing on Dell laptops, Microsoft Surface Pro, and Microsoft Surface Book.

Where is your store?

Technology Connection is in the Lavin-Bernick Center — right in the center of campus.  There is no need to leave campus to purchase technology or to have it repaired.

Do most Tulane students use Apple?

Tulane does not have one official recommendation for a computer. Technology Connection takes recommendations on a case-by-case basis to outfit you with the best technology for your career here. The majority of students at Tulane use Apple computers, but you are free to use Windows or any computer that is best for your needs. A few schools, such as Architecture and Business, have more specific computer requirements.

Can you ship the computer home, or should we wait until school starts?

Technology Connection recommends having us ship your computer to you over the summer because most students want to get used to their new computers before they arrive on campus in August. We can even ship your items outside of Louisiana! Shipments ordered and shipped outside of Louisiana will not be charged state or local sales taxes, and you will just be responsible for the taxes as you would be for any other online purchase

Note: we cannot ship computers outside of the United States.

What is the laptop repair loaner program?

Technology Connection's Laptop Repair Loaner Program is an industry-unique opportunity available only to students who purchase their computer from Technology Connection. Students enrolled in the program can request a loaner laptop if they check their own laptop into our repair center for repairs. Please see our website for more detailed information on the program.

What are in the back-to-school bundles?

These savings bundles are determined by the manufacturers, and we don’t know the details until they are announced in mid-July. However, we can, tell you that for the past two years, some bundles have included free Beats Solo Wireless headphones®  from Apple.

What software do I need?

That depends on what program of study you are going into at Tulane. Feel free to ask our technology consultants to help determine your needs. Tulane has arranged for your student to get a downloadable copy of Microsoft Office at no charge.

How do I contact the store?

Technology Connection can be reached at (504) 862-8059 or by email at tcorders@tulane.edu. You can also submit an order to us via our website.

Can I shop all through the semester?

Absolutely! Technology Connection is open all year to service the students, faculty, and staff of Tulane.


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